Selected work from the Emergent Geographies series is available for purchase from Sulfur Studios.

My mixed media fibers work is inspired by observations of the natural world. Iā€™m drawn to the way similar patterns re-appear across a range of scales in nature. I address this by layering and combining forms executed in a variety of different materials and processes, such as weaving, felting, knitting, and embroidery. The results are 3-dimensional fiber based collages that are at once abstract and familiar.

This ambiguity permits multiple interpretations, which references the way in which similar structures can found at all scales of nature.  Branching forms are found not only in the roots and canopies of trees, but also in neurological and circulatory systems, in the growth pattern of slime molds, and on a geographic scale in rivers and streams.  The same forms emerge multiple times in nature because they are perfectly adapted for a specific purpose, in this case the transfer of energy.

I see a correlation between the field of fibers and the natural world.  In both instances highly organized structures (like the interaction of warp and weft or the division and growth of cells) result in forms that are organic, pliable and often chaotic.  There is an ephemeral quality to natural objects that can also be found in textiles. Coming to terms with this ephemerality in light of the labor-intensive processes required to create fibers has been a focus of my recent studio explorations.