Jennifer E Moss 

Nature inspired, process driven textiles and mixed media

I find inspiration in the natural world and humanity’s relationship to shifting environments. I am intrigued by intricate patterns that permeate nature, from the growth of cells to crystalline structures. These repeating forms often create an illusion of stability and a false sense of understanding, leading us to believe that nature can be tamed and comprehended. My work challenges that perception in the fragmented and imperfect nature of the patterns I use, which seem at once to be forming and receding, symbolizing constant change and unpredictability.

Through my artistic practice, I aim to confront my own impact on the environment and grapple with the limited time I have on this planet. I seek to evoke a sense of reflection and awareness and create a visual exploration of the delicate balance between stability and impermanence, urging viewers to contemplate their own connection to the ever-changing world around them.

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