Textiles are traditionally very utilitarian.  They are an inherent part of human life and essential to survival.  Their warmth and comfort are often taken for granted.  Over time and with use textiles deteriorate and change, giving them an impermanence that is not dissimilar to the impermanence of human life itself.  This deterioration adds character and enhances the comfort and warmth associated with textiles.  The softness and movement of textiles allow them to drape over bodies and objects, taking on the form of other objects by enveloping them.

The creation of textile forms in metal rather than thread takes away these inherent aspects. There is a heightened beauty and attraction in the shiny material, while at the same time the cold and hard form becomes unrecognizable and untouchable.  The presentation of these forms in a traditional bedroom scene is meant to bring the work to the viewer in a personal way, to heighten the uncomfortable attraction of the work.